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Forward Air offers its Cartage Vendors an online system to access all orders, confirm acceptance of pick-up and delivery requests, input your required pick-up confirmations and proof of delivery information. For help with the Cartage Interface, please contact the Complete Management Group at . Thank you for your partnership with Forward Air.

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With the addition of the international forwarder and 3PL customers we should be seeing ultimate shippers attempting to give your drivers paperwork (commercial invoice, BOL, MAWB, etc.) which they have for the shipment. We request all carriers instruct their drivers to accept these documents from the shipper and for your dispatch to have these documents handed over to the local terminals upon tender of the freight going forward, effective Sept. 1st. This will help us ensure the proper weights, dims, or class of the freight is properly accounted for when we receive freight which will benefit you. If you have any questions regarding this change please contact your Carrier Management representative (CMG).

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