Forward Air Cartage Interface
Forward Air offers its Cartage Vendors an online system to access all orders, confirm acceptance of pick-up and delivery requests, input your required pick-up confirmations and proof of delivery information. For help with the Cartage Interface, please contact the Complete Management Group at . Thank you for your partnership with Forward Air.

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As an air freight carrier, our customers expect that ALL Forward Air freight will be handled by a TSA approved employee.

Being a TSA approved carrier for Forward Air is considered a mandatory compliance item to be part of the Forward Air Complete network. Failure to meet this requirement, or fail a TSA audit, could result in termination of a carrier from our network. We do not want to terminate any carrier so please be sure your company is compliant with this requirement.

If there is assistance required on becoming TSA approved please reach out to If you already have your own preferred method please begin the process immediately.

Please advise immediately on your intent to comply with this requirement, if you do not already, so that we can discuss next steps.

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