When it comes to temperature-controlled shipments, three things matter: transportation time, temperature, and security. Estimates and guesses won't do the job. That's why Forward ensures product integrity and security during transit with real-time tracking of location and temperature. 

Our full range of standard and specialized temperature-controlled transportation services is scalable to meet your needs and optimize your supply chain investment.

Shipping solutions for sensitive freight 

Temperature-controlled freight comes in many forms and from many industries. Forward specializes in cold chain transportation including:

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Life Sciences
  • Biotech
  • Industrial goods
  • Food and Beverage 

Highest standards for safety, security, and reliability

Every shipment is unique, yet the end-goal is the same—transportation that delivers on product integrity and security. Forward’s proven track record of innovation, reliable on-time service, and premium care come together to form a comprehensive cold chain transportation solution.

Maintaining temperature integrity

Your business depends on product integrity and security. Increasing product values and regulatory scrutiny around pharma and biopharma supply chain logistics add an additional level of complexity. Forward simplifies the process.

We specialize in the transport of prime pharmaceutical product that requires strict temperature ranges, typically between 35.6–46.4° Fahrenheit. Our advanced temperature analytics cover all the bases: temperature, set point, ambient temperature, output air temperature, return air temperature, and discharge air temperature.

Our Forward-owned equipment and the equipment we broker has well-equipped refrigeration units and best practices assure the integrity of your product, including: 

  • Microprocessors in the trailer that continuously record real-time temperature readings during transit and generate time and temperature receipts upon delivery
  • Routine internal trailer temperature checks by drivers and remote monitoring by dispatch throughout transit 
  • Alarm system to alert to temperature fluctuation outside of the pre-established parameters for proactive action

If you have a controlled room temperature (CRT) product, we can transport that, too. Plus, our value-added services of anti-idling solutions and route optimization improve service levels and decrease transportation costs.

Secure every step of the way

Our industry-leading multi-layer security and protocols provide you with assurance that your precious cargo will be delivered without incident.

  • Forward fleet’s state-of-the-art security equipment and technology
  • Vetted brokers with the same impeccable standards 
  • 24-hour real-time location and temperature tracking
  • End-to-end shipment visibility 
  • Customer-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Experienced employee drivers 
  • Failsafe mechanisms for ignition and braking systems 
  • Frequent customer communication