The High-Value Shipment

Tasked with delivering a high-value molecular diagnostic system from San Francisco to Atlanta, with a specific delivery time of 9:00 am sharp, Forward’s Final Mile team set to work on delivering a custom solution for our customer. Adding to the challenge, this particular set of medical equipment was big, bulky, and heavy.

With two box trucks backed up to one another and lift gates lowered to the ground, the team successfully delivered the big and bulky system, which was 8 feet high, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long and weighed 2,200 pounds -requiring three team members to deliver.

The Solution

To provide a streamlined and time-definite solution, the Final Mile team at Forward ‘operated as one’ by combining Forward LTL + Final Mile + White Glove solutions for a successful delivery. Cross-country transport was facilitated by Forward’s nationwide footprint and over 200 locations. This ensured the high-value medical device was delivered quickly with limited touchpoints to avoid unnecessary handling.

A Consultative Approach

Through careful coordination and expert handling, our LTL and Final Mile teams completed the high-value medical equipment delivery intact and on-time. At Forward, we are committed to providing streamlined solutions for your complex medical equipment shipping needs.

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*Update. As of 12/20/2023 Forward Final Mile is now part of Hub Group. Read the full press release here.