Forward’s Brokerage Services work on your behalf to help with a broad range of freight services including local, regional, and line haul services; specialized equipment; full truckload, hotshots, and LTL Airline logistics, and container services including trucking and delivery with complete import and export drayage, transloading/transferring container cargo from one load to another, and freight handling.

To get a quote for your shipment, you will need to talk with a member of our sales team and provide some additional information:

  1. What are the City and State for the Origin and Destination?
  2. What are the preferred Pickup and Delivery dates?
  3. Is there a loading dock at both the origin and destination locations?
  4. Is this a live pickup or drop pickup and delivery? Does a representative from your company or your customer need to be present at the time of pickup?
  5. What is the total weight of the shipment?
  6. How is the shipment packaged or bundled for loading?  If it is a pallet, what are the dimensions and weight of each pallet?
  7. Is this a one-time shipment or recurring?
  8. Do you have an account with Forward or do you need to create one?
  9. What is your equipment type?
  10. What are you shipping?
  11. Does the shipment have any special requirements? This might include a Transportation Worker Identification Certification (TWIC), destination as hazardous materials, a trap for a shipment on a Conestoga wagon, a tarped trailer, or any other special requirements.
  12. Is the freight palletized or will it be loaded directly from the floor?
  13. What is your expected number of shipments?
  14. If this is recurring, what is the daily volume of shipment?
  15. Do you have a Customer Fuel Surcharge with Forward? This might be set per mile or as a percentage (%).
  16. Is the shipment an intermodal steamship line shipping container?

About Brokerage Services with Forward Air

Forward Intermodal’s network offers local LTL pick-up and delivery services. We can pick up and deliver from airports and Forward-owned terminals in our system directly to your customer’s door and/or direct from your door to your customer’s door. Our Airport-to-Door (A2D)/Door-to-Airport (D2A) and Door-to-Door (D2D) are cartage services that enable transport of your goods over short distances. Plus, real-time driver tracking, and proof of delivery signatures ensure that you have best-in-class visibility of your critical LTL and linehaul shipments.