On this day, we reflect on the immeasurable sacrifice and unwavering allegiance of dedicated veterans in our communities and across America.

At Forward, our mission to support veterans through charitable giving in partnership with Hope For The Warriors makes a profound impact on the brave men and women who have sacrificed for all.  We are proud to employ hundreds of veterans, and each of them brings a commitment to excellence and a unique set of skills to our team. Today, we bring you stories from a few Forward veterans who have served our nation – proud, loyal and brave.

Mark Campbell: Desert Storm, Chiefs 54 and A Family Legacy

Mark Campbell joined our team after serving 31 years and multiple tours of duty in Germany and the Middle East. Inspired by his grandfather and brother, Mark followed their heroic example and joined the U.S. Army in 1987. During his service, Mark demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep sense of commitment to his fellow soldiers. Fighting in Desert Strom, his expertise was focused on Field Artillery and Air Defense Artillery. Awarded the Chiefs 54, which is the highest honor in recruiting and retention, Mark emerged as the best Army recruiter of the year. Upon transitioning to civilian life, he brought those qualities to our organization as a Senior Recruiter of OTR Drivers, including Independent Contractors, Company Drivers, Powerseat Drivers and Lease Purchase Drivers. Mark’s military discipline and expertise in recruiting have made him an invaluable asset at Forward. When Mark was asked What advice would he give to those considering serving in the military, he answered:

"It takes a strong person, mentally and physically.  If you have that, you will succeed in the military." – Mark Campbell


Chris Johnson: A Mission of Safety

Chris Johnson, a former Army soldier, embodies the spirit of safety and adaptability. During his service and deployment, Chris learned the importance of punctuality, teamwork, and precision while serving in the logistics sector. These qualities have proven instrumental in his role as Safety Coordinator at Forward, A transportation solutions provider. Chris’s unwavering dedication, among other takeaways cultivated during his time in the Army, is an inspiration to us all.


Ric Renteria: Lessons Learned in Service

Ric Renteria, a U.S. Navy veteran, has translated his extensive knowledge of QA expertise into a successful career as an Account Executive. Ric's military experience from 1988-1992 provided many rewarding experiences, including serving on the USS Saratoga, Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. His meticulous approach to quality brings an eye for detail when managing accounts and an exemplary work ethic, showcasing how veterans bring their specialized skills and expertise to the civilian workforce for the benefit of all. To this day, Ric draws from valuable lessons from his time in service, including teaching by example, learning by doing and doing things the right way - the first time.


A Journey of Service and Honor

The unique skills and experiences gained from time in service can bring invaluable contributions to any organization. A veteran’s dedication to excellence reminds us all of the impact made in both military service and civilian careers. With heartfelt appreciation, not only to those highlighted here but also to the many others at Forward and across our nation who have sacrificed, we salute you in your journey of service and honor.

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